FREE TO THE PUBLIC - Rain or Shine - NO TENTS, NO PETS & NO COOLERS (soft carry coolers are allowed)

Thunder Over Evans

Armed Forces Day, May 15th 2021!

FREE TO THE PUBLIC : Evans Towne Center Park





[Thunder over Augusta Panoramic]

Event Info

Free Admission


Start 10:00 am
End 10:00 pm


7016 Evans Town Center Blvd
Evans, GA 30809


Thunder Over Evans is the CSRA’s public celebration of Armed Forces Day, it will take place on May 15th, 2021.  We consider it the perfect opportunity to bring together the public and the military for a fun filled day of events and a tribute to those who serve.

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2019 Attractions


Firework Show

Our Extreme firework display is one that you can feel, bring sunglasses (seriously). Our finalle is like a thrill ride. One of the South's Largest Firework Shows - 9:15pm

No Limits

No Limits is a high energy, westcoast party band. They’ll cross genres and decades with hits that every age group will enjoy. See them here. They'll start at 7:45pm

XPogo Team

The world's most talented pogo stunt team is back again, they will bounce up to 10ft in the air and do some insane pogo tricks such as car hopping to a backflip contest.

BMX Tricksters

Led by X-Games medalist Rob Nolli, 4 BMX riders will join the the FMX motocross show for an explosive performance with their own ramp setup in front the FMX show.

Lumberjack Show

Hailing from Wisconsin, the Timberworks 'Olympics of the Forest' will bring a log rolling pool, speed pole climbing, axe throwing, chopping, choker set relays and more.

Motocross Show

Team FMX is a Thunder favorite, not only performing everything from the 'Rock Solid' to the 'Backflip' but the 3rd show will also feature the double backflip by Scott Murray.

Boxing Exhibition

The Augusta Boxing Club will return to Thunder to give us two 45 minute sessions of full contact sparring against Hankinson Boxing Gym. Get ringside to see it all happen.

3 Ring Circus

The 3 Ring Super Circus is bring back the rolla bolla, plate spinning and the giant, dual wheels. In addition, this year we'll have a brand new saloon act with whips, ropes and knives.

Tomahawk Throw

We'll have 4 lanes of free throwing and one lane of competition throwing for prizes. We have Hawkmasters on site for instruction. For ages 5+ (5-11 will need a guardian present).

Kid Zone

We hate for our kids to stand in line to do fun free things. This year will have a toddler zone and a kid zone, we're increasing the amount of inflatables to OVER 20 for kids to enjoy.

Obstacle Course

Take the challenge and run the 128ft course for free, you'll be competing against friends and military. Prizes awarded for the 3 top times, come on and bring your best.

Military Displays

With the full support of Ft Gordon and military branches, we’ll have vehicles, demonstrations and exhibits that are a fine mix of public education and awesome entertainment.

Historic Exhibits

Exhibits from WWI, WW2 and Vietnam, this year the exhibit will feature uniforms, Vietnam firebase, a bunker, vehicles, weapons and the veterans that know all about them.

General's Note

This salute to our military with MG John B. Morrison, Jr. giving us a welcome and public message regarding those who serve and the community where this event takes place.





2019 Schedule


10:00am Welcome Note
10:05am Timberworks Lumberjack Show (30min)
10:40am XPOGO Stunt Team (25min)
11:10pm 3 Ring Super Circus (30min)
11:45pm Team FMX and the BMX Tricksters (30min)
12:20pm Timberworks Lumberjack Show (30min)
12:55pm XPOGO Stunt Team (25min)
01:25pm 3 Ring Super Circus (30min)
02:05pm Team FMX and the BMX Tricksters (30min)
02:40pm Boxing Exhibition (45min)
03:30pm Timberworks Lumberjack Show (30min)
04:05pm XPOGO Stunt Team (25min)
04:35pm 3 Ring Super Circus (30min)
05:10pm Boxing Exhibition (45min)
6:00pm Team FMX and the BMX Tricksters (30min)
06:35pm Armed Forces Salute (60min)
07:45pm No Limits Concert (90min)
09:15pm Mega Fireworks DISPLAY (30min)





2019 Major Partners


T3 Solutions, Tax Slayer, Gerald Jones Auto Group, Windsor Fine Jewelers, Forces United, Columbia County